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You’re either in the right place or you are desperately confused.   This is the genuine graduating picture for #50 School Class of 67.  Ed Confino reminded me that this picture had been taken in about May of 1967.   I remembered that I not only had the picture, but (in my usual, sadly compulsive fashion) I had carefully printed everyone's names on the back.  So now for a momentary return to places like Smalline’s, Harrys Hots, Bastian Brothers as well as Keeler Street (before it was an Expressway) and Loblaw’s...........and what was the name of that place that sold the soft ice cream, it was right next to Jeff Kasanov’s house--the place that had the first milk machine that dispensed 25 cent quarts that you ever saw?


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Ps. That’s Eileen Boyd next to Mrs. Lenahan—giving the camera the finger. NICE GOING Eileen!! (Notice Donna & Debbie chickened out and left Eileen out there alone!)


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50 pic